Woodpecker: A Bird Book for Kids

Quick Woodpecker Facts
 Woodpeckers are active and industrious birds. With  their sturdy pointed beaks and reinforced skulls, they are uniquely  suited to drilling in to trees for food and for hollowing out safe and  secure nests in which to raise their young.
Types of woodpeckers:  There are perhaps 200 different species of woodpeckers, including  –
  • True woodpeckers
  • Piculets
  • Sapsuckers
  • Wrynecks
Geographic Range:  Woodpeckers live through out much  of the world, preferring forested areas, although some species are  comfortable in desert climates where they may nest in palm trees and  cacti. They are not typically, however, found in Australia, Madagascar  and Antarctica.
Length: The slaty woodpecker is the largest of the  woodpeckers. They can reach a length of over 20 inches (50 cm).  The  smallest woodpeckers tend to be the piculets; the rufous piculet is only  3 to 4 inches long (8 to 10 cm).
Weight:  The slaty woodpecker can weigh 12 to 20 ounces (360 – 563 g). Small piculets may weigh only 0.25 ounces (7 g).
Food:  Woodpeckers primarily eat insects and grubs dug from live or decaying trees but may also eat fruit, seeds, nuts and sap. 

Enjoy these Woodpecker videos from YouTube

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White-wedged Piculet female building the nest