Raven: A Bird Book for Kids

Quick Raven Facts
 Ravens are one of the most intelligent bird  species. Curious and playful, they are readily recognized by their  glossy black feathers, thick beak and the “caw” call that they make.
Types of ravens:  There are nine species of ravens –
  • White-necked raven
  • Common raven
  • Australian raven
  • Thick-billed raven
  • Chihuahuan raven
  • Little raven
  • Fan-tailed raven
  • Brown-necked raven
  • Forest raven
Geographic Range:  Ravens live well in all types of climates and are found through the world, except in Antarctica.
Length: The common and thick-billed ravens are the  largest of the ravens. They can reach a length of 26 inches (67 cm).   The smaller ravens, like the Chihuahuan and little raven, are up to 20  inches (51 cm).
Weight:  The larger ravens typically weigh around  1.5 pounds (0.69 kg) but may reach up to 4 pounds (1.8 kg). Smaller  ravens are around 1 pound (.45 kg).
Food:  Ravens are very opportunistic eaters. They  are omnivorous, eating berries, seeds, insects, eggs, fruit, small  reptiles and mammals. They will also scavenge human food waste if  available.

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