Peacock: A Bird Book for Kids

Quick Peacock Facts
Peacocks are male Peafowl. The female is called a  Peahen and the chicks are called Peachicks. Peafowl are related to  chickens, pheasants and turkeys.
Types of Peafowl: There are only three species of  Peafowl – the Indian or Blue Peafowl, the Green Peafowl and the Congo  Peafowl. Only the Indian and Green Peacocks have the colorful  blue-green-gold colors and large tail feathers that they display in a  wide fan shape.
Geographic Range: Indian Peacocks are from India.  Green Peacocks are native to Southeast Asia, from Burma to Java and are  endangered due to loss of wild habitat in which to live. Peacocks have  been exported globally in live in most countries in zoos or semi-wild on  large estates or plots of land.
Length: Adult Peacocks are from 78 to 90 inches (195  to 225 cm) in length, including the long tail feathers. Males are  larger than the females.
Wings: Peafowl only fly short distances, typically  from the ground to a tree or a roof top. Most of their time is spent on  the ground.
Weight:  Adult Peacocks weigh from 8.8 to 13 lbs ( 4–6 kg ) while Peahens may weigh half as much as the male.
Food: Peacocks are omnivorous, which means they eat  insects, seeds and plants, and meat, mostly small mammals and reptiles,  including snakes.

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