Ostrich: A Bird Book for Kids

Quick Ostrich Facts
 Ostriches are the biggest, heaviest bird in the  world. While ostriches don’t fly, they are very fast runners. With big  eyes, an oval body shape, long bare legs and a long bare neck, they are  pretty funny looking too.
Types of ostriches:  The ostrich has a unique species family called Struthio Camelus.  Like the camel, ostriches are able to live in dry habitats where there  is not much water to drink. Ostriches are related to emus and kiwis,  both of which are native to Australia.
Geographic Range: Ostriches are native to Africa and well adapted to dry conditions.
Length: Ostriches are 2.1 to 2.8 meters (6 ft 11 in –  9 ft 2 in ) in height. Males ostriches are taller and heavier than females.
Wingspan: Ostriches have a wingspan of about 2 m (  6 ft 7 in ). Ostrich feathers lack the interlocking hooks needed to make  them rigid enough to use for flying. As a result, ostrich feathers are  very soft.
Weight: Ostriches weigh between 63 to 145 kilograms ( 139 – 320 lbs ) as an adult.
Food: Ostriches are primarily drink nectar from flowers but also catch insects and spiders for additional nutrition.
Unique: What is unique about ostriches is their size  (they are the biggest and heaviest bird) and their ability to run (the  fastest two legged runner on land).

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