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A Bird Book for Kids™ is a fun series of educational  books for kids aged 8 to 108 featuring facts about various bird species  along with informative color photos. Written by Novare Lawrence,  this series shares behavioral aspects and basic diet, hunting, size,  nesting, diversity among sub-species and other information. Comparisons  are used to show how a bird species relates to other birds, animals,  even people. We also call out their uniqueness in the wonderful natural  world we share with them, particularly when a species is threatened or endangered.
Younger children may need some help reading but the pictures  communicate both a visual appreciation of these beautiful birds and also  illustrate aspects of their lives as detailed in the text of the book.
A Bird Book for Kids™ are currently being released for kindle from Amazon but Kindle reading applications are available for just about  all electronic devices:  web browsers, Android tablets and smart phones,  desktop and laptop computers, iPads and iPhones, etc. Visit this link to select the Kindle reader app for your device(s).
You may buy or borrow (Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited members only) our line  of e-books at Amazon.com


Should you have any comments or questions, please send them to:  birdone @ abirdbookforkids.com

Our books are published by NadaBinduPublishing.
Our e-books are available on Amazon.com for all kindle devices and kindle reader apps.
Our printed paperbacks are available at Amazon.com and all online booksellers.

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